If you saw a toilet seat in a movie theater, you’d probably think to yourself, “Wait a minute. You don’t use that in here. Many of us have a similar reaction when we think of using react native at an IoT startup: Wait a minute. React Native is fine for light-weight apps, but IoT companies need apps that make heavy use of the phone’s hardware, so don’t use it in this situation.
I’ve got a “sweet tooth,” which, in my case, is just a euphemism for me saying that I’m addicted to sugar. I’m young now, but I know that this addiction won’t end well once my metabolism slows down, so I try go to the gym. Unfortunately, when I leave the gym, I often think to myself, “I just worked out, so I can snag that Oreo McFlurry I’ve been craving all day.
A code smell is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system…smells don’t always indicate a problem…You have to look deeper to see if there is an underlying problem there. –Martin Fowler Some people don’t think Dagger is very useful. I’m a bit suspicious of these people. An application that doesn’t need Dagger smells. It suggests that there might be something wrong with the application’s architecture.
Some tests are fast. You can run 1000s of them in seconds. These are the tests that are the heart and soul of TDD, so you run them every chance you get. There are other tests that aren’t so fast. Because they’re slow, you don’t want to run them often. You’ve got better things to do than to sit and wait for test results to come through. Unfortunately, the less you run your slow tests, the less valuable they are.
Imagine that you’ve never run a single mile in your life. You know that exercising is good for your health, so you decide that you’re going to take up running. Strangely, however, you also decide that you’re going to begin your journey towards physical fitness by running a marathon tomorrow. That’s obviously a bad idea. Less obviously, deciding to go from no experience with testing to writing tests for an already existing Android app is also a bad idea.