Patterns Principles and Tools for Testing Your React (Native) Apps Here’s a written version of my recent React Orlando talk: I want to talk about some patterns, principles, and tools for testing react native applications. I’m going to focus a lot on the “patterns and principles” part of the testing equation because, as we all know, the improper use of tools can actually be worse than not having those tools at all. Michael Scott’s misuse of the fork-lift in Daryl’s warehouse came to mind while I was pondering this truth, and it turns out there’s a gif of this exact moment in the show.
The so-called 'RESTful' web in 2018 and beyond Recently, I’ve been wondering, Should new APIs created in 2018 be RESTful or be built using graphql or be something else entirely? While pondering and researching this question, I’ve stumbled upon some broader realizations like, Most web APIs and SPAs aren’t actually RESTful. 😨 In fact, I’ve never worked with a completely RESTful API. We’re reinventing the wheel and making our lives harder — on the server and on the client — by ignoring the standards around REST APIs 😞 The same force that explains our half-ass adoption of REST (i.
About a year and a half ago, I was sitting in my Manhattan studio apartment trying to write an html lexer in python. I was about half way through my batch at the Recurse Center, and I was frustrated with my lack of progress towards my learning goals and intimidated by all of the absurdly smart people around me. While writing the lexer, I got hung up on an odd piece of python syntax.
Ya Better Recognize Recently, I’ve picked up Psychologically Healthy Organizations from the APA to learn more about, among other things, the importance of recognition in the workplace. Here I want to share some highlights from the APA’s work on employee recognition in the workplace. Recognition Meaningfully Shapes Performance The authors of Peopleware make some strong claims about team composition and the extent to which people can change in the workplace: For most efforts, success or failure is in the cards from the moment the team is formed and the initial directions set out…managers are unlikely to change their people in any meaningful way.
Hacker vs. Hustler: Reflecting on One Year at UniKey Me: I really like my new job. Family: (incredulously) Really? Me: Yeah. The people are smart, passionate, and the company seems promising. Family: (sarcastically) Ok. So you’ll stick around for 6 months then? Two Wednesdays ago marked my 1 year anniversary at UniKey, and as the above dialog suggests, this is pretty weird for me. I’ve never been at a job for a year before, so this 1st ever anniversary in my career has given me the urge to reflect a bit on a couple of questions:
If you saw a toilet seat in a movie theater, you’d probably think to yourself, “Wait a minute. You don’t use that in here. Many of us have a similar reaction when we think of using react native at an IoT startup: Wait a minute. React Native is fine for light-weight apps, but IoT companies need apps that make heavy use of the phone’s hardware, so don’t use it in this situation.
I’ve got a “sweet tooth,” which, in my case, is just a euphemism for me saying that I’m addicted to sugar. I’m young now, but I know that this addiction won’t end well once my metabolism slows down, so I try go to the gym. Unfortunately, when I leave the gym, I often think to myself, “I just worked out, so I can snag that Oreo McFlurry I’ve been craving all day.