Some thoughts on how to teach programming

I almost gave up on becoming a programmer. I took two years of college-level programming in high school and I didn’t particularly care for it. Although I did fairly well in those classes, at the time, I probably had something like the following thoughts about programming: I’ve given this a fair shake. I’ve taken two years of classes, and I’ve decided that programming is some tedious bullshit šŸ’©. I need to find something else. »

Hacker vs. Hustler: Reflecting on One Year at UniKey

Me: I really like my new job. Family: (incredulously) Really? Me: Yeah. The people are smart, passionate, and the company seems promising. Family: (sarcastically) Ok. So you’ll stick around for 6 months then? Two Wednesdays ago marked my 1 year anniversary at UniKey, and as the above dialog suggests, this is pretty weird for me. I’ve never been at a job for a year before, so this 1st ever anniversary in my career has given me the urge to reflect a bit on a couple of questions: »

Why Ayn Rand's Psychology is Probably Wrong (or trivial)

Edit:Ā Some have pointed out that I’ve misrepresented Ayn Rand’s position in this post. From what I can tell, they are right. Either way, I still think the argument presented here is interesting and accurate as long as we change the conclusionĀ toĀ ”Psychological egoism is probably wrong (or trivial)” Iā€™ve met a surprising number of people in my life who believe that no oneĀ is capable of altruism. These people believe that everyone always acts to further their own interests. »