Hacker vs. Hustler: Reflecting on One Year at UniKey

Me: I really like my new job. Family: (incredulously) Really? Me: Yeah. The people are smart, passionate, and the company seems promising. Family: (sarcastically) Ok. So you’ll stick around for 6 months then? Two Wednesdays ago marked my 1 year anniversary at UniKey, and as the above dialog suggests, this is pretty weird for me. I’ve never been at a job for a year before, so this 1st ever anniversary in my career has given me the urge to reflect a bit on a couple of questions: »

Capital Intensive MVPs

According to Eric Reis, MVPs allow us to test our business’ most important “hypotheses.” This is supposed to help us “fail faster,” but I’m finding that there are real differences in how much effort we have to put into our MVPs before we can validate our business hypotheses. In other words, some MVPs are more capital intensive than others. This is a big deal because you often can’t get favorable investment terms until you’ve shown that you’ve got product-market fit. »

Why I'll Probably Try to Manipulate You

I became a hippie when I was a freshman in college. When I say I became a hippie, I don’t mean that I wore tie dye t-shirts all the time, smoked a lot of weed, and listened to “All you need is love” all day. I was a hippie even though I owned zero tie dye t-shirts, wasn’t cool enough to get invited to the weed parties, and had never heard that famous Beatles song that more conventional hippies love. »