things that can still be learned data points that aren’t susceptible to regression? stack envy as intensity matching learning grass isn’t always greener noticing luck/contingency more (HIBT) expanding representativeness heuristic knowing what is normal

Then, in the next section, I’ll try to stake out the worthwhile knowledge left over that the demon can’t take from us.

Finally, I try to argue that there’s still value in studying business for reasons that aren’t strictly related to gaining more knowledge: 1) it gives us shared vocabulary to discuss problems, 2) it can serve as a source of hypotheses for how to improve a situation you’re in, and 3) it can provide useful skepticism 🤨 when people use bad arguments to discredit a business.

Non-epistemic goodies

exposing cracks in heuristics gone wrong like grass is always greener, affect, availibility, (biases)

hypotheses/things to try out

shared vocabulary