Introduction to RxJava for Android: The Talk


Earlier today, I gave my Intro To RxJava talk. I’m not thrilled at how clear I was at explaining certain aspects of RxJava, but here’s the video nonetheless. My talk starts at 28:32. Hopefully, I’ll do a better job when I finish the written version of this talk.

If you want to hear a hilarious take down of the design of the new Pizza Hut app, check out Ian’s talk that happens before mine.

Here are the slides that I used.

Here’s the source for the rxjava rewrite of the session search functionality. I’m particularly interested in what experienced RxJava-ers think of how I created an Observable from the SearchActivity’s search widget text listener.


Introduction to RxJava for Android (Pt. 2)

An Introduction to RxJava for Android (Pt. 1)

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